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The Dorow Clinic is a privately-owned clinic in Waldshut and Lörrach which offers the complete spectrum of modern dentistry as well as the whole range of aesthetic proce­dures and plastic surgery. Dr. Dr. Dorow and his wife Sonia Ashkenazy founded the Dorow Clinic in 2008.

Dental clinic and clinic fpr aesthetic surgery next so the swiss-german border

Waldshut-Tiengen is situated on the Swiss-German border, between Lake Constance and Basel, 40 minutes north of Zurich.

The Dorow Clinic consists of a modern and luxurious dental practice, a very well-equipped operating theater with the attached clinic, and a separate practice only for aesthetic surgery.

Further infor­ma­tions

At this point we are offering further infor­mation about our services only in German. If you require further infor­mation please be free to contact us. We are looking forward to answer your questions in English.

Your way to Dorow Clinic

A total of eight medical doctors and dentists work in the clinic, with specia­li­za­tions in plastic and aesthetic surgery, maxillo-facial surgery, oral surgery, dental implants, endodon­tology (root-canal treat­ments), periodon­tology, conser­vative dentistry, prost­hetic dentistry, dental hygiene, children’s dentistry, and aesthetic dentistry.

The Dorow Clinic offers a very wide range of treat­ments and, due to the location of the clinic, we benefit from a large clientele from abroad. In addition to a great number of Swiss patients, we have been happy to welcome patients from England, France, Spain, Italy, South America and the United States.

A large number of English-speaking expats live or work temporarily in the catchment area of the Dorow Clinic, especially in the area around Zurich and Baden, and many of them come to us for several kinds of treatment.

For many decades, German dental practices and clinics for plastic surgery have been a very interesting alter­native for Swiss patients, as the prices they charge are much lower than in Switz­erland, while still offering the same excellent quality and care for the patients.

Here can you feel comfor­table

We are dedicated to making patients from abroad feel comfor­table in our clinic, and are aware that unrestricted commu­ni­cation in a familiar language is parti­cu­larly important in the medical field. Our doctors Dr. Dr. Dorow and Dr. Jarmoukli both speak fluent English, and all the other doctors speak good English.

Dr. Dr. Dorow is in charge of the complete aesthetic field and, together with his colleague Dr. Holdenried, offers the full spectrum of aesthetic surgery of the face and body. From injec­tions, hair trans­plants, eyelid correction, peels, laser treat­ments, facelifts, breast correc­tions, body mouldings, stream­lining opera­tions and aesthetic surgery of the genital area to compli­cated corrective surgery, Dr. Dorow is qualified and experi­enced in all these areas.

Dr. Jarmoukli covers the dental spectrum and offers together with her ​​husband, Dr. Karam Kass, the full range of tooth retention, tooth resto­ration and oral surgery proce­dures, from screening, ceramic fillings, inlays, veneers, crowns and bridges to implant resto­ra­tions, bone struc­turing and elaborate dentures.

All our doctors and dentists aim to provide you with optimal solutions, and the best possible results according to your requi­re­ments. Our qualified specia­lists and state-of-the-art equipment enable us to make accurate diagnoses, permitting well-planned and safe proce­dures.

Please feel free to send an email inquiry in English. We are happy to answer all your questions, or to arrange a consul­tation or exami­nation appointment for you

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